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16 OZ.  Two Part Liquid Urethane Glue Kit - $18
(2) 8 OZ Bottles of Resin and Instructions

Liquid urethane can be used for many applications. I use this urethane resin to glue in all my fins and habitat pieces on wood carvings.  Parts joined with this resin become one.  Due to it’s bonding strength and penetration into wood liquid urethane is perfect for strengthening weak or damaged areas to a plastic like finish that will never peel or disintegrate over time. Other commercial wood fillers bond to the surface of wood and often break free over time due to movement in wood during temperature changes, liquid urethane penetrates into the wood surface becoming part of the wood fibers. Minutes later the repaired area may be carved, sanded and finished (cured urethane will not detail with a wood burner) as desired. Liquid urethane may also be used to waterproof wood for exterior use, simply mix equal amounts, rub in wet and wipe off quickly and allow to cure.

Mixing: Mix liquid urethane at a rate of 1:1 by volume in a clean container. Stir quickly and use at once. Never mix more than you can use in 60 seconds. It will begin to harden in one minute and achieve full cure strength in less than a half hour. Once cured it may be carved, sanded and shaped as desired.  As with all chemicals, care must be taken to avoid contact with skin and eyes.

Clean-Up: Soap and water will remove liquid urethane prior to mixing both components together. Once it begins to gel nothing will dissolve or stop the chemical reaction. It becomes plastic-like in less than a minute and resists all solvents at that point. Any clean up necessary should be done at once prior to gelling with water.

Setting Fins: Liquid urethane is perfect for setting fins. Simply open fin sockets to the necessary size to accept the fin inserts. Fill the socket with liquid urethane and quickly install and position fin insert. Instantly the liquid urethane will penetrate the wood insert and surrounding socket forming a solid bond in less than a minute. Using this method will insure the fins never develop seam cracks as the carving ages, a problem common with using conventional plastic fillers and glues to set fins.

Waterproofing wood: Place liquid urethane in the refrigerator for 30 minutes to chill. This will slow the set time considerable allowing you a longer working time before it gels. Using a disposable brush or a clean rag rub the mixed liquid urethane into the wood surface and wipe away excess at once. The liquid urethane will be absorbed into the wood fibers forming a durable plastic like surface to the wood once cured. This surface can be sanded and painted as desired.

Strengthening weak areas: Brush mixed liquid urethane onto thin, damaged or weak areas of your carving to strengthen or replace damaged wood fibers. Multiple coats may be applied within minutes of each other to build up a damaged area. Once cured simply carve, or sand to shape. This method prevents wood from breaking on grain lines and makes the repaired area stronger than the surrounding area.

Casting Parts: Liquid urethane is perfect for casting small parts and can be mixed with many different fillers for color and strength variations. Liquid urethane requires a mold release agent on all mold making materials except when used in silicone molds. No release agent is needed with silicone molds.

Glue: Liquid urethane is perfect for gluing many types of plastic, wood, metal, and concrete on contact. Mix a small amount, brush on both parts to be joined and clamp in place for 5 minutes. The chemical bond is permanent and water / solvent resistant.

As with ALL urethane products—exposure to moisture will damage the uncured resin. So keep all containers closed and purge air from storage bottles prior to storing to improve shelf life. Leaving the cap off either part A or B overnight will result in the resin absorbing moisture rendering it useless. When storing it for a long time most users place the bottles in a Zip Lock bag filled with CO2 or Nitrogen gas to preserve the quality of the resin. CO2 or Nitrogen gas can be purchased from any office supply store in aerosol form commonly known as “Dust Off” used to blow dust out of keyboards and electrical parts. Simply place your bottles of A and B in a ZipLock bag then squirt a small amount of Dust Off in the bag to purge the air from the bag and seal. CO2 and Nitrogen gas will not contain moisture nor absorb it over time. Keeping your resin as fresh as when it was first used. All bottles are shipped with a small amount of CO2 gas on top of the resin to ensure shelf life.




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