Do-It-Yourself Gadgets from my shop.....

In response to the many emails I have been getting recently about my homemade gadgets seen in the background of my latest videos I decided to post some of them here on the website.  Since I plan to illustrate the instructions with many pictures I will post links below to other pages buried within this site to walk you through it.  So click on any of the below links to learn how I made the listed gadgets.


Flexible Fish Painting Pedestal

Veiling Stand

Fish Rack

Wall Mounted Fish Rack by Ray Carnes
               A wall mounted version of my free standing fish rack

Paint Booth Paint Booth Video taken from Mastering the Basics

Large Fish Carving Stand

Build Your Own Silent Dust Collector

Build Your Own Scale Burning Pen

Mass Produce Your Carvings with my CopyCarver in minutes.















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